Keeping Your OS Updated: 6 Reasons Why It Is Important

Keeping Your OS Updated

Whether it is for work or play, using a personal computer every day is the norm for most people. Being so dependent on this device means you have to make sure you keep it running smoothly all the time. And one of the best ways to ensure that is by keeping your OS up to date. If you have not developed this habit yet, here are six reasons to start now.

1. Strengthens Your Computer’s Security

Computers usually contain sensitive information such as credit card, bank account, and other personal details. Hackers know this and love to find security holes in order to infiltrate your PC and steal that data. These cybercriminals are a serious threat, and one way to let them in so easily is by not upgrading your computer’s operating system. This leaves your device vulnerable to malware, such as a bug or computer virus, that is distributed via those security holes hackers find. And once they attack, they gain access to all your files and can steal them, and then sell your personal information or use it for nefarious purposes. The latest OS usually brings regular patches for security issues, thus, it is highly advisable to install the newest updated version.

2. Introduces You to New Features

Installing software can also give you access to new features or functions added by developers. These features usually add stability and functionality to a PC to enhance user experience. Software developers rigorously run checks to see whether a particular computer program needs improvements or a makeover. This way, they can keep their users happy.

3. Fixes Bugs, Errors, and Faults

Aside from adding new features to a computer program, vendors also check for any bugs that may ruin their customer’s user experience. A bug is actually an error, failure, or flaw in an application causing numerous issues. For example, your PC constantly crashes, freezes, or lags, which can leave you furious and frustrated. When this happens, it could be because your OS isn’t updated so it doesn’t have the required patch to fix these errors. These bugs can also create a security hole for malware to penetrate the system.

4. Gives You Better Customer Support from the Manufacturer

If you have tried calling your manufacturer’s technical support then you would know that one thing they ask you is the type of operating system you are using. So that when it comes to giving computer repairs due to crashing or freezing apps and other issues, tech support can help more efficiently. However, some companies like Microsoft no longer support older OS versions, such as Windows XP and Windows 2002. Thus, if you still have a laptop or desktop that runs on these operating systems, then you can expect that whenever your computer has problems, you would not get much help.

5. Lets Apps and Devices Remain Compatible

Upgrading your operating software is also important if you want to continue enjoying the usual apps you are using. Some applications run regular upgrades and this might affect the compatibility of the program with the current operating system in your computer. When this happens, the app will no longer function well or worse, will not run at all.

In addition, other electronic devices used with your PC need an updated OS to function properly. You do not want to damage your new wide format printer because your laptop or desktop is not compatible with it. However If you do you can contact a company that I have used in Sydney before that specialises in Printer Repairs.

6. Prevents Hardware Damage

The operating system is a software that supports most of the functions of a regular computer. When outdated, it compromises the overall functionality. This can cause program crashes and erratic behaviour, which eventually will affect the physical components of your computer. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted expenses for replacing damaged hardware, keep your OS updated. This way, your computer will run smoothly, preserving your PC hardware for many more years.


If you want optimum functionality and performance, then surely you need to update your computer’s operating system. Not only does it keep you safe, it also helps with maximising your computer’s power and efficiency. So whether you use a computer for personal or business purposes, keeping it up-to-date is essential.