Data Backup and Recovery

We store important files or data in our computer and these data are often deleted accidentally.These important files are essential to our business or our studies. However, even if we try to avoid it, these files are being corrupted.

Common Causes of Data Loss and Corruption

Accidentally deleting files without a backup when updating.

While we work on our files, updating them and adding new entries, we often forget to create a backup for old ones. There’s a big risk in deleting or updating files without keeping a copy of the original file. We are all guilty of this act. Sometimes, when we need to delete a certain file and accidentally delete the wrong file, we start to wish we created a backup.

Virus/Malware Infection

To have better understanding of Virus Infection, you can check out our guide. Assuming that you know the common causes of virus infection, we can proceed to what it does to your files. Almost every computer nowadays are connected to Internet. Our worldwide network provides us information on almost every little thing. This connection however, opens our computers to virus attacks.

There are many different types of viruses out there. There are viruses created specifically to affect operational software – software that we use every time. There are also viruses that are designed to damage our files usually causing them to be corrupted. Viruses attack our computer systems and data loss is just one of the side effects of these intrusions.

Hardware Failure

We are advised to take a good care of both software and hardware parts of our computers however, as we continue using our computers, they break down. A simple concept of “Wear and Tear”. Specifically speaking, your computer’s hard drive (which is the main storage of all files), is the most fragile component.

Our hard disk drives perform thousands of rotations per minute as we use our computers. This speed is necessary to provide our system a fast access to files. Given this task, our hard disk drives tend to break down and with it our files our gone too. This again points to not having a backup of your files in a separate storage device.

Power Interruption

The most common scenario to explain this is when you are trying to finish a long essay using your word processor and you forgot to save it then here comes an unexpected power loss. Sometimes, we are working on live data like those in sophisticated databases and for some reasons our system shuts down. Unexpected system reboots or power interruptions may damage our files as we are in the middle of modifying them. Without a proper termination of programs or files, we risk them to get corrupted.

To avoid Data Loss and Corruption Learn to Backup your Files

If you need help in creating Backup for your files our professional technicians can do it for you! Our services is available everyday, meaning 7 days a week, from 7 AM to 10 PM.

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