Firewalls: Logic, Types and Rules

Firewalls : Logic, Types and Rules What is a firewall? A firewall is a network security system, either hardware or software based that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. Firewalls act as a barrier between a trusted and other network and other untrusted networks. They filter the traffic that[…]

Ways To Protect Your Computer From Malware

11 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Malware We use our computer to do so many things. We google information, we go online to shop, handle our bank accounts, play games, and stay in touch with family and friends. Because of this, our computers contain a lot of information about us. This information could include[…]

Differences of Virus, Worm and Trojan Horse

When something is wrong with your computer and you find out a malicious file or program is causing it, most people will automatically assume that the malicious object is a virus. However, not all malicious software are viruses. A virus is just one of the many malicious software you can encounter as a computer user. In this article we will discuss the most common types of malicious software, or malware for short. […]

Different Types of Malware

What is Malware?

It is a common misconception that any software or file that is harmful to your computer is a virus. As a matter of fact, a virus is just one of the many types of malicious software or malware for short. […]

Data Backup and Recovery

We store important files or data in our computer and these data are often deleted accidentally.These important files are essential to our business or our studies. However, even if we try to avoid it, these files are being corrupted.